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Ways to Give


The Greene County Medical Center Foundation helps ensure medical excellence through their mission to solicit and receive contributions and gifts from individuals, institutions and organizations.  Funds are used exclusively for the benefit of charitable, scientific, or educational purposes that apply to health care at Greene County Medical Center, which includes their annual health care scholarship.

The Greene County Medical Center Foundation makes every effort to assure appropriate acknowledgment for all levels of giving, in accordance with the Foundation policies and procedures, as well as the donor's intention.

Your charitable gift is an investment in your community and in yourself.  The joy of giving expresses your concern and involvement in the success of the medical center.

Philanthropy: The Love of Mankind

With gifts to the Greene County Medical Center Foundation, we can all be philanthropists.

Your charitable gift is an investment in your community and in yourself.  The joy of giving expresses your concern and involvement.  Philanthropy knows no bounds - it truly is the love of mankind demonstrating the spirit of giving and caring.

Gift Giving

Anyone can give to the Foundation. Gifts are never too big or too small and come in many forms.

Types of gifts include:

  • Bequests - through a will or other form of estate plan, a deferred gift can express an appreciation beyond current means.
  • Beneficiary - designating the foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, life insurance, an annuity, or a will, is a way to allow your gift to go beyond your lifetime.
  • Cash - always an acceptable donation in any amount.
  • Charitable Trust - various trusts can be used to extend the value to the donor and the foundation.
  • Honarariums - gifts are often given in honor of another living friend, family member or community who has touched your life.  It's a concrete way to say, "thank you."
  • Memorials - many list the foundation as the recipient of memorials after the death of a loved one.
  • Property - this can include a gift of securities, insurance policies, and real estate.  In a rural community it is quite common to include the medical center as a recipient of farm property. 
  • Securities - stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be donated.

As a 501(c) non-profit organization, gifts to the Greene County Medical Center Foundation can provide many tax-saving opportunities.  These can be discussed in more detail with your attorney or tax advisor.

Ways to Give

All gifts are deeply appreciated and significant.  Click a button on the right to make a one-time donation to the Foundation, or to set up a recurring donation plan.  You may also mail your donation by filling out the form located in the Foundation brochure, also found on the right, and mailing it to: Hollie Roberts, Greene County Medical Center Foundation, 1000 W. Lincolnway, Jefferson, IA 50129.

Please contact Hollie Roberts, Foundation Director, by calling 515-386-0108 or emailing hollie.roberts@gcmchealth.com with any questions or concerns.

Grateful Patient Program

If you or a loved one have received care at the medical center and would like an opportunity to express your gratitude, you can do that by making a monetary gift to the Foundation as part of our Grateful Patient Program.  Grateful patients can share their story as part of our donor recognition.

Honoring Care Givers

If you would like to make a gift honoring a staff member who was particularly helpful to you, we will present that employee with a gold heart lapel pin and a letter of appreciation.

Donor Recognition

Every donor is recognized for his or her gift with a thank you.  We publish a bi-annual newsletter called "Always" (formerly "Milestones") and list all donors for the appropriate time frame.

A benefactor screen is prominently displayed in the lobby of the medical center, recognizing the following:

  • Benefactors - cumulative giving of $1,000 through $9,999
  • Special Benefactors - cumulative giving of $10,000 through $49,999
  • Distinguished Benefactors - cumulative giving of $50,000 through $99,999
  • Major Benefactors - cumulative giving of $100,000 or more

Any donor who funds a complete wing or major addition may participate in naming this portion of the medical center.