Be a Greene Backer all year long or participate in the Annual Greene Backer campaign each fall. The Greene Backer campaign seeks community donations from individuals and businesses for support of needed equipment or service lines. 

Greene County Medical Center provides necessary healthcare services to you, your family and your neighbors and friends and plays a major role in economic viability of our communities.

  • Our mission of being Always Here, Always Caring
  • Quality health care services for our community
  • Patient centered care equipment needs
  • Community health education and programs
  • Scholarships for local students pursing a health care career 

Hear From Our Patients

Read our patients' stories about the value of local medical care, appreciation of their local Providers and Clinics and stories of pain relief, skilled care and much more Here

Easy Ways to Donate!

  • Use the Greene Backer Campaign link
  • Text GreeneBacker to  41444
  • Cash or Check to Greene County Medical Center Foundation
  • Scan the QR Code below

Honoring Care Givers

If you would like to make a gift honoring a staff member who was particularly helpful to you, we will present that employee with a gold heart lapel pin and a letter of appreciation.

Click Here to Honor Your Provider, Nurse, or Support Staff with a Donation to the Foundation Today!

Types of gifts include:

  • Bequests - through a will or other form of estate plan, a deferred gift can express an appreciation beyond current means.
  • Beneficiary - designating the Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, life insurance, an annuity or a will is a way to allow your gift to go beyond your lifetime.
  • Cash or check - always an acceptable donation in any amount.
  • Charitable Trust - various trusts can be used to extend the value to the donor and the Foundation.
  • Honarariums - gifts are often given in honor of another living friend, family member or community who has touched your life.  It's a concrete way to say, "thank you."
  • Memorials - many list the Foundation as the recipient of memorials after the death of a loved one.
  • Property - this can include a gift of securities, insurance policies and real estate.  In a rural community, it is quite common to include the Medical Center as a recipient of farm property. 
  • Securities - stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be donated.
  • Grain of all kinds.

As a 501(c) non-profit organization, gifts to the Greene County Medical Center Foundation can provide many tax-saving opportunities.  These can be discussed in more detail with your attorney or tax advisor.

Donor Recognition

Every donor is recognized for his or her gift.  We publish a newsletter and list all donors for the appropriate time frame.

A benefactor screen is prominently displayed in the lobby of the Medical Center, recognizing the following:

  • Benefactors - cumulative giving of $1,000 through $9,999
  • Special Benefactors - cumulative giving of $10,000 through $49,999
  • Distinguished Benefactors - cumulative giving of $50,000 through $99,999
  • Major Benefactors - cumulative giving of $100,000 or more

For questions, to make a donation, or talk about planned giving, please contact: Nancy Houska, Greene County Medical Center Foundation Director, 515-386-0108 or