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10 Things You Will Learn From Your Child's Annual Exam

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Whether they are in preschool or preparing to graduate from high school, the overall wellness and development of your child is important.  And an annual medical exam or school physical, often required for school, is an opportunity to monitor and evaluate the physical health of your son or daughter, and provide some professional insight into his or her age-appropriate behavior, growth and development.

Your child’s annual exam will give you a record of:

Routine Physical

What’s included in a physical exam varies from provider to provider and is dependent on the age of the patient.  In general, you can expect flexibility, strength and reflexes to be checked, as well as checking to ensure your child is physically maturing and developing properly.


Height and weight

Height and weight measurements help monitor age-appropriate growth and will show whether your child is within a healthy weight range for his or her height.

Vital Signs

Vital signs include heart rate, blood pressure and temperature.  Having accurate and up-to-date vital sign information will help alert the provider of any potential new medical issues or help in the monitoring of current or previous concerns.


Schools require that children be current on immunizations.  Immunization records can be obtained from your provider, and likely need to be shared with the school nurse or office for the student’s file.  See which immunizations your child should be receiving.

Preventive Care and Ongoing Wellness

An annual exam serves as a preventative screening for potential illness or disease, and gives your provider an opportunity for discussion on overall wellness practices, safety and age-appropriate health issues.


Family Health History

Questions around family health history can help your provider be on the alert for possible chronic illnesses and diseases that may run in your family.  Having this information available and on record may prevent potential illnesses or lead to early detection and treatment. Coming prepared is highly recommended.


Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise habits are important at any age, but especially in a time when childhood obesity is on the rise.  Young athletes especially need to pay special attention to how they are treating their bodies.  An annual exam provides the perfect opportunity to for a discussion about diet and exercise for children of any age.


So, while an annual exam may be something you check off your child’s list of requirements for school, it is also the perfect time for you to inquire about and understand your child’s physical well-being and what you can do to support a healthy future.


An annual exam can be more meaningful and beneficial for all if you come prepared with a list of any questions or concerns.  A listing of family health history is also important.


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