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Quality Health Care Close to Home at Greene County Medical Center (Infographic)

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We live in a busy world; between taking the kids to school, coordinating practice schedules, running to the grocery store, making dinner and everything else you manage to fit into your schedule, it’s important you aren’t driving further from home than necessary! At Greene County Medical Center, we understand your time is valuable, which is why we have offered quality medical care in Jefferson and the surrounding communities since 1937.

Greene County Medical Center offers superior care  to Jefferson County

State-of-the-Art Surgery and Rehabilitation Without the Drive

At Greene County Medical Center, we are proud to provide over 25 surgical procedures covering everything from general, diagnostic, OB/GYN, orthopedic and specialty surgeries. Beyond surgery, we also have specialists dedicated to pain management diagnosis and treatment.

Whether you have your surgery with us or out of town, we provide progressive rehabilitation services right here in Greene County. Rehab options at the medical center include a wide variety of physical, occupational, athletic, home health, senior care and speech therapy options. Cut some of the stress out of surgery and rehabilitation by seeking services near your home.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

We place a high value on education and realize that today’s students are tomorrow’s future. For this reason, we want to encourage individuals to seek advanced education, especially in the health care field. One of the main ways we promote advanced education is through scholarships. Scholarships are available to students entering or currently attending college for a health care based degree. One of our past recipients, Dr. Jeffrey Wahl, has returned to Greene County and is now the doctor at our West Central Orthopedics clinic.

We are also proud to partner with Greene County Schools to offer dual credit programs. These dual credit programs include Nurse Aide and Medical Terminology courses. These classes are hosted at the Greene County Medical Center facilities and are taught by our public health nurses. The dual credit program allows for students to learn more about health care and medical field classes while helping them seamlessly transition to their continued education.

Taking Patient Education to the Next Level

Beyond the education of young adults in the health care field, we also put a priority on patient education. From answering insurance questions to preparing new families for their upcoming journey, we are proud to provide patient education to the community at low or no costs. Some of the classes offered include:

  • Prepared Childbirth Class: prepares parents for the third trimester of pregnancy by educating them on what the last few months of their pregnancy will bring and what to expect during childbirth. Mothers are encouraged to have their spouse, partner or support person attend all classes. 
  • Diabetes Support Group: provides resources for any individuals who have diabetes or have a loved one with diabetes. This group meets quarterly and is available to the community at no cost. 
  • Better Choices, Better Health: is a free class aimed to help members of the community with chronic diseases or symptoms of chronic conditions take control of their health. These programs cover a wide variety of topics including a healthy diet, exercise options, suggestions for improving quality of sleep, pain management techniques as well as communication skills. 
  • SHIIP Senior Health Insurance Information Program: provides guidance to seniors to help them fully understand the health insurance options that are available. This allows them to feel comfortable making the best decision for their unique circumstances. This program is available at no cost to participants.

Emergency Care Close to Home

You can’t predict when an emergency or accident will occur and often times receiving prompt treatment is vital to the healing process. Whether it is a child with a late night ear infection or a more serious heart condition, our team is here for you! We know you don’t want to spend countless hours in a waiting room. Find emergency care and treatment 24/7 at the medical center where the average wait time is only 16 minutes.

Laboratory Services in Your Backyard

Our facility contains a full-service laboratory staffed with specially trained technicians. The lab works with all departments of Greene County Medical Center as well as the emergency room. This makes it easy and convenient to fit lab tests into your busy schedule! Our lab also provides monthly wellness screenings to the community at reduced rates.

Greene County Medical Center

We are proud to call Greene County home and continue providing the community with trusted quality care and education close to home. Learn more about the superior services available to you in your hometown!